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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines fight moves, dance, acrobatics and music with Afro-Brazilian culture. It was developed by African slaves who were taken to Brazil in the 16th Century. Forbidden to engage in physical combat with one another slaves developed Capoeira, it was disguised as a dance. 
Capoeira is used widely in schools in Brazil and Capoeira projects internationally are even run in refugee camps. It has proven to be the perfect anti-bullyng activity in Brazil. Unlike many martial arts, where the goal is to subdue your opponent, the players’ goal is to ‘talk’ to each other using their movements, asking questions with kicks and answering with dodges.
Our team of intructors is made up of well re-known Capoeira masters.


Students benefit from the fusion of music, dance

and acrobatics


 Improve discipline and respect and encourage to use of  self-discipline

Fusion of Skills

Meaningful stories are told through song and the children learn Portuguese words.


Capoeira is an inclusive activity and all levels, ages, genders are welcome

Health & Fitness

Improve strength, flexibility and stamina. Capoeira is a total body, mind and emotional expression

Team Working

Facilitate students’ communication  and partner work


Capoeira is a non-contact discipline and it teaches children about respecting each other. 


Give students the opportunity to improve their rhythm and creativity

Book your Capoeira trial class and assessment today!

We operate a waiting list policy and all the level placement decisions are at the discretion of the directors.



Harrow Club - School Term Sundays
187 Freston Road London W10 6TH

(3min walk from Latimer Rd and 10min from Ladbroke Grove St)


13:00pm - 14:00pm (2 different levels for kids and adults running at the same time).

Profesor Jeronimo & Rda Capoeira Team


Cafe and parents waiting area. Meal deal for just £5


Contribution Fee: FREE for 11-25y Supported by Sportivate / Others £60* Term or £8 ph (minimum attendance required to be eligible to free classes)


If you join us part way through the term, fees will then be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Please book online on the link below for a free trial/level assessment class.



There are also other activities by The Manana Project on Sundays at the Harrow Club including:



Would you like Capoeira classes at your school?
Just get in touch.

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