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Our activities are based on pay per term contributions. Parents pay a fixed rate per activity with the advantage that the students have the option to self-fundraise their funds to participate in the course, this can be done through family and friends sponsorship as well as entrepreneurial activities. Sponsorship can include selling tickets for their end of term/course performance.
Students and parents that opt to do so are provided with a fundraising pack and support in raising funds with access to regular entrepreneur workshops with a coach.
The aim of this system is to promote students wider skills and feelings of achievement, developing student’s skills of entrepreneurship and volunteering.


Parents who can afford the activities and decide to pay full fees as well as taking part in fundraising activities will allow students who receive sponsored places to have their memberships fully subsidised.

The Manana Project does not believe economic circumstance should be a barrier to the opportunity to take high-quality training. Opportunity is made available to all regardless of background or means.


Besides the support from Oi Brasil, Cubaneando, Rakatan Productions, The Harrow Club and our fantastic team of instructors, we are very proud to have just launched "The Manana Project" without any government or charity funding and even though we are offering a minimum of 50 fully sponsored places!


The diagram below shows our payment routes:







We offer this system to parents and volunteers interested in offering their time and skills to help out with the activities in exchange they can sponsor a talented child. 

Would you like The Manana Project at your school?
Just get in touch.

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