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The London Cuban

Ballet School

 Top quality of
   Cuban Ballet  
 accessible to everyone!

The Cuban Method 

The Cuban Method is based on Russian Vaganova methodology but emphasises dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs and the torso.

The torso is the foundation of all movement, so the dancer's torso has to be strengthened. It is very clean and precise but not stiff; combining the Italian Cecchetti and the French method of dance. It has a romantic feel that combines the high Russian extension with the fancy Italian footwork and French arm artistry. Today the Cuban Method is galvanizing the industry of dance and changing the face of ballet with superb technique and impeccable footwork.

Cuban-trained dancers are now marquee names in top ballet companies throughout the world including, Carlos Acosta -  the Royal Ballet of London, Yiomar Reyes – ABT, Daniel Sarabia –Boston Ballet and Miami City Ballet, and Rolando Sarabia – hailed by New York as the Cuban Nijinsky – Houston Ballet.  

Our methodology system is rigorously supervised and 

assessed by the ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) the highest Art Institution in Cuba.


Inspiring and motivating male students  promoting a new, cool, modern and accessible ballet for all!

Our team includes male teachers from the

West End Shows "Ballet Revolution" and "Havana Rakatan" all graduates from the most prestigious dance schools in Cuba.

Students are placed into their appropriate level based on instructor assessment. As students’ progress during the year, students may be moved to a more advanced class level. The regular yearly dance season begins September – July and we follow the school term dates. 


Creative Movement: (ages 3-5) 

A fun class that will consist of 30 minutesusing a creative approach to introduce ballet to small children as well as 30 minutes of using a unique method that encourages use of gross motor skills.


Preparatory Ballet Class: (ages 5 to 8) 
An introduction for children to the world of ballet, specially designed to encourage and improve coordination, control, rhythm, musicality, posture and discipline in the art of Cuban ballet. (1hr)


Ballet 1: (for beginner dancers ages 6 and up)
Focuses on refining the student’s posture and technique, establishing a solid ballet foundation, including barre work. (1hr)


Introduction to the Cuban Ballet Method & Adults Ballet: This class is designed for beginners, ages 9 and up, who would like an introduction to the Cuban Ballet Technique.  It will focus on ballet fundamentals and technique, and will finish with half an hour of strength and conditioning. (1.5h)


Ballet 2: (For intermediate dancers)
This class builds on foundation techniques introducing complex combinations. Point work is introduced based on instructor assessment (1.5hr)


Ballet 3: 
Advanced ballet class preparing the dancer for the working world of professional dance. (1.5hr) Dedicated point work based on instructor assessment. (1hr. point)






Harrow Club 
187 Freston Road London W10 6TH

(3min walk from Latimer Rd and 10min from Ladbroke Grove St)


10:30am - 11:30am Creative Movement 

10:30am - 11:30am Preparatory Ballet

11:30am - 12:30am Fitness Ballet (Adults and ages 8 & up)


Please contact us for:


- For Ballet 1,2, & 3

- Cuban Modern Dance & Contemporary Techniques (Adults and 9 years old and up)


Cafe and parents waiting area.


Contribution Fee: £90 per term (1h classes) with optional access to our unique Self-Fundraising and Entrepreneurial system for kids and young people). 

If you join us part way through the term, fees will then be calculated on a pro rata basis.

FITNESS BALLET: FREE for 8-25y Supported by Sportivate / Others £10ph (minimum of 6 weeks attendance is required to be eligible for free classes).


Adults: Pay as you go £10 


There are also other activities by The Manana Project on Sundays at the Harrow Club including:


  • Brazilian Football Academy 

  • Capoeira (Kids & Aduls)

  • Latin Dances Fusion

  • Cuban Contemporary Courses

  • Cuban Salsa Courses

Book your trial Balllet class and assessment today!

We operate on a first come first serve policy and all the level placement decisions are at the discretion of the directors.

Would you like to have the The London Cuban Ballet at your school?

Get in touch.

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