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We offer a range of bespoke Latin-based music, dance and sporting activities, based on pay per term contributions in which parents pay a fixed rate per activity with the advantage of students having the option to opt for a Self-fundraising & Entrepreneurial System. The aim of this system is to promote students wider skills and feelings of achievement. We also offer sponsored places. The Manana Project does not believe economic circumstance should be a barrier to the opportunity to take high-quality training. 


We work with schools to deliver high quality classes, workshops and courses that enrich the National Curriculum. Workshops can be tailor made according to the specific needs of each group. In our workshops, pupils are actively involved, take a full part in the creative process and are encouraged to develop their creativity, expression and performance skills.  


We work with the same model of Self-Fundraising described on the afterschool activities to promote student’s entrepreneurship and volunteering skills as part of the self-fundraising option, to organise events, performances and competitions.


For all those who would like personalised and intensive lessons we offer private classes. All of our teachers are professionally trained and the best in their field. Private classical dance and music classes will be taught by graduates from the Cuban National Ballet School and the National Havana School of Music. A percentage of the fee charged for these classes will be redirected to cover the sponsorship of other students on our courses. 



In 2016 the Manana Project was supported on board Holland America Line, guests enjoyed enrichments workshops & authentic Brazilian entertainment on their route through Brazil and raised money for a Kids Comunity Project in the favela of Santa Rosa. Join us on the next one! 

Havana Rakatan in Cuba:

In association with the producers of the West End Hit Show "Havana Rakatan" we organize a yearly trip to Havana with the opportunity to learn from the masters and the best artists the country has to offer.

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We organize end of term events and a special summer event where all the students taking part in THE MANANA PROJECT’s afterschool activities, schools workshop or academies, join together to perform alongside professional artists. We will work with students to develop an end of year performance that the students create themselves, encouraging creativity, leadership and team-work. The production is the culmination of the term’s/year’s works. Performances focus on demonstrating the dances and musical rhythms learnt and the history and culture behind them. By sharing what students have learnt alongside professional artists we aim to inspire more students to engage in Latin music and dance in addition to students being able to develop their performance skills and build their confidence. 


We offer sponsorship for a number of students. Students must and audition for “sponsorship” for their spot on the course. While we wish to provide the course free of charge to enable those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to take part, we recognize the importance of students feeling that they have “earned” their place and therefore emphasise the need for applications and auditions which we envisage will help with retention of these students.


Within this system the beneficiaries will be chosen to assist in the classes, they will be trained in how to teach classes and will be able to attend Oi Brasil rehearsals and events (dependent on age restrictions)  for free. This would suit young people or adults with some experience in dance, music or arts, or an A-level dance or music student and any other person experienced in dance or music who would like to specialise in Latin dance and music. 


We will offer this system to parents and volunteers interested in exchanging their time to help out with the activities in exchange for their child to attend the classes for free or allowing us to sponsor a talented child. 


We offer bespoke entertainment services for your party or event. A percentage of the profits will be redirected to The Manana Project

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